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One-to-One Courses:

Our one-to-one courses are aimed at people with individual goals. The lessons offer maximum flexibility.
Together with our instructor the content, tempo and time of instruction is determined.
You can cancel or postpone the lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson.


Prices per lesson / per 50 minutes:
Until 20 lessons CHF 89.00
20 lessons and more CHF 88.00
30 lessons and more CHF 87.00
40 lessons and more CHF 86.00

1 lesson in your home or office costs CHF 105.00 for lower and upper level. For business and graduate degrees: CHF 120.00 per lesson.

Other languages

Learning in pairs:

Dive into a language with a partner! Together with an instructor, our one-to-two courses offer you an intensive learning experience, exploring the new, consolidating the old, One advantage is that you only to define the intensity and teaching times with one other person: your partner!


1 lesson in our training rooms costs CHF 50.00 / person. For business and graduate degrees CHF 55.00 / person.
1 lesson at your working place or at home costs CHF 60.00 / person. For business and graduate degrees CHF 70.00 / person.

Mini Group Courses
Other languages

Mini Group Courses:

Carefully divided by goals and existing level, you join a group where fit in perfectly. You learn to move into a new language together, as a mini-group with 2 to 6 participants, using what you have learned with others, understanding the new being taught by the instructor.
Build your language skills, depending on the level and expand it through various practical exercises.
Lessons in small groups creates an intimate atmosphere. They are always very interactive letting you make rapid progress.


Mini group: 3 – 6 participants

1 x 1 lesson/week, 10 course days, CHF 300.00 (with 2 participants: 7 course days )
1 x 2 lessons/week, 10 course days, CHF 600.00 (with 2 participants: 1,5 lessons/course day )
2 x 2 lessons/week, 16 course days, CHF 960.00 (with 2 participants: 1,5 lessons/course day )

After Work Classes
Other languages

Invest you after work time meaningfully for your personal education in an enjoyable surrounding.

3-4 participants, 17.00 – 17.50 h or18.00 – 18.50 h, 10 x 1 lesson/week (with 2 participants 7 x 1 lesson/week)

CHF 300.00


Free assessment test by course booking.
Teaching materials are not included.

Mini Groups with other languages

Course Level Type Day Time Start Details
Russian Starter Lunch course Tuesday 12.00 - 13.15 h July 2022


TypeLunch course
Time12.00 - 13.15 h
StartJuly 2022
Lessons1.5 lessons per lunchtime
PriceCHF 480.00 without books
Special IssuesPlease call us and inform you or send us an e-mail.
to enroll
Arabian Starter July 2022


StartJuly 2022
to enroll

Those are courses in small groups with 2 to 6 persons.

One lesson takes 50 minutes.

Registrations are binding. When we have to delay the course the participants will be informed in time.

The amount has to be paid before the course starts.

The money (course costs) won’t be refunded.

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