Pronunciation coaching

You are a successsful professional and have already reached an intermediate level of German or English (B1+) and

would like to:

  • improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent
  • speak German/English fluently and confidently
  • better understand German/English
  • be better understood by others

The contents of the pronunciation training are:

  • intonation
  • word stress
  • sentence stress
  • pauses
  • rhythm
  • oral motor skills
  • sounds (vowels, umlauts, consonants, diphthongs)

To start:

5 meetings

5x 1.5 Lektionen, 5x 75 Minuten, CHF 750.00

Are you ready for the Swiss settlement permit or naturalization?

Let you test and you will know it!

In two separate tests (for level A1 and A2 or for the level A2 and B1) we determine your current German level.

Please call (041 710.42.40) or send us an e-mail ( and make an appointment.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you.